Navitrolla is an Estonian painter, known for his unique painting style that combines elements of naïvism and surrealism. In addition to painting, he has worked with dry-point graphics and lithography throughout the last decades, and sculptures in his latest works. He prefers to call his art naviism. 

Navitrolla is an odd phenomenon in Estonian and, why not, the world’s art landscape. I can confirm it. I’ve worked with him for over 20 years. At the beginning of the 1990s, Võrumaa’s poet Ülle Kauks gave Heiki his artist name. Heiki Trolla became Navitrolla – Trolla, from the village of Navi. That’s how it all started, and what followed was years of hard work: passionate painting, engraving images to plates, traveling, collecting ideas, putting them down on paper, working on his techniques. Navitrolla’s artworks are not solely pictures. They are stories. They make the viewer dream and narrativize. As the viewers approach his paintings, they walk into his world. It all seems simple, at first, even childish. It’s the joy that comes first. Then, as the focus deepens, a discovery. The paintings start to talk. The viewer becomes consumed by this world. All of a sudden, they know what happened there before Navitrolla captured the moment with the brush. And what came after. The stories change, as each viewer makes the painting their own. It is precisely that, that is the secret charm of Navitrolla. He makes you dream, adds small bits of happiness to your life. He saves us from everyday greyness.” 

– Navitrolla United Factories Office Director Lembi Randma

Selection of Navitrolla's works

Solo and Group Exhibitions

1990 – 1993   Various exhibitions and performances with art group “Lüliti”

1993                Vaal Gallery (with art group „Lüliti“) (Tallinn)

1993                Sebra Gallery (Tartu)

1994                Tartu’s Art in Tamperes (group exhibition) (Tampere)

1995                Tuglas-Seura (Helsinki)

1995                Pärnu City Gallery (Pärnu)

1995                Tokko & Arrak Gallery (Tallinn)

1995                Sammas Gallery (Tallinn)

1996                Halinga Art Gallery (with Tarmo Roosimölder) (Halinga)

1996                Draakon Gallery (Tallinn)

1996                Hansa Gallery (Kuressaare)

1997                Legend Gallery (Tartu)

1997                Hansa Gallery (Kuressaare)

1997                Galleria Maria (Helsinki)

1997                Star&Co (London)

1998                Galleria Maria (Helsingi)

1998                La Galerie Passage (Tallinn)

1998                Chalk Farm Gallery (London)

1998                Gouda City Gallery (Gouda)

1999                Ziote (Montpellier)

1999                Foire Montpellier

1999                Obu Gallery (Tartu)

2000                Antidote Cafe-Gallery (Montpellier)

2001                Estonian Embassy (Riga)

2001                Galerie Hörhammer (with Jüri Mildeberg) (Helsinki)

2001                Osaka 10th International Art Triennial

2002                Obu Gallery (Tartu)

2003                Library of Viljandi (Viljandi)

2003                Mustjala Gallery (Saaremaa)

2003                Lisboni City Gallery (Lisbon)

2004                Gallery Artlonga (Berlin)

2004                Valga Culture Center (Valga)

2004                Ammende Villa (with Sven Saag) (Pärnu)

2005                Estonian Embassy  (Copenhagen)

2006                Le Pont Neuf´i gallery (Pariis)

2006                Kivi Puhkemaja (with Sven Saag) (Tartumaa)

2006                Narva’s Library Gallery (with Sven Saag) (Narva)

2007                Tate Modern Pop-Up exhibition in London (London)

2008                Hansa Gallery (Kuressaare)

2008                Haapsalu City Gallery (Haapsalu)

2008                Elva City Gallery (Elva)

2008                Viljandi City Gallery (Viljandi)

2010                Opera house “Estonia” (Tallinn)

2011                Estonian House (Helsinki)

2013                Rakvere City Gallery (Rakvere)

2014                Galeria Duetto Helsinki (with Jüri Mildeberg) (Helsinki)

2015                E-kunstisalong (Tartu)

2016                Jõhvi Concert Hall (Jõhvi)

2016                Old-Võromaa Culture House (Võru)

2017                Jõgeva Culture Center (Jõgeva)

2018                Pihkva Gallery ЦЕХ (Pskov)

2018                Irboska Museum (Pskov)

2018                Estonian University of Life Sciences Library (Tartu)

2018                Veranda Vernanda  (Kuressaare) summer project

2018                Gallery “Муза” (Odessa)

2018                Kuressaare Hospital (Kuressaare)

2019                Estonian House (Stockholm)


2004               The Cow Parade in Prague

2005                Design of the livery of Tallink ship Galaxy

2006                Artist of the puppet film „Instinct“ (directed by Rao Heidmets)

2012                „Võrumaa mu Võlumaa“ 2m x 6m wallpanel at Võru County Food Center

2017                250 m² mixed technique wall and ceiling painting at Tartu Lõunakeskus

2017                “Everybody Is Related to Everybody” 21 m x 7 m wall painting at Cleveron Factory



1995                “Eesti reisijuht”

1995                Carlos Castaneda “A Separate Reality” (cover design)

1995                Carlos Castaneda “The Eagles Gift” (cover design)

1995                Carlos Castaneda “Second Ring of Power” (cover design)

1995                Carlos Castaneda “Fire from Within” (cover design)

2001                Rudyard Kipling “The Elephant’s Child”

2004                Lewis Carroll “Alice in Wonderland”

2004                Tor Åge Bringsværd “Den store boken om norrøne guder” (cover design)

2009                Leelo Tungal “Loomabeebits”

2009                Enn Kasak “Vaba pattulangemise seadus”

2012                Kivisildnik “Soari evangeelium”



1995                Navitrolla “The First Book of Navitrolla”

1997                Navitrolla “The Second Book of Navitrolla”

2004               Navitrolla “The Third Book of Navitrolla”

2011                Navitrolla “The Fourth Book of Navitrolla”

2019                Navitrolla “The Fifth Book of Navitrolla”